Blending traditional Filipino Hilot healing practices and holistic modern care, Grace can help you realize your best self, be mindful and healthy, and find the energy to excel in life. Her individually tailored programs achieve this through nutrition, lifestyle and behavior changes that bring meaning and healing to you so you can live a healthier and happier existence, be fully present in every moment.

Grace Sunga Asagra Stanley MA, RN Filipino hilot, Holistic Nurse-Health Coach
Grace Sunga Asagra Stanley, MA, RN
Filipino Hilot, Holistic Nurse-Health Coach

Grace’s expertise spans cultures and worlds. Located in central New Jersey, she has an MA in Health Arts and Sciences, and is a Holistic Registered Nurse, specializing in integrative-complementary-functional medicine. She is a seasoned nurse with diverse clinical experience, including twenty years in critical care. A native of the Philippines, Grace is also a traditional Filipino hilot, an indigenous health practitioner with a knowledge of restorative joint-muscular manipulations, bentusa (cupping), cooking and herbal food as medicine. Grace is also a Health Coach (nutritionist-counselor-life coach-health advocate), and an author and speaker on mind/body wellness: “who and what’s the matter with you.”In the Philippines, she was brought up to respect the wisdom of the elders and parabulong (healers). She spent a great deal of her free time learning traditional teachings on herbs, hilot, bentusa, reflexology, aromatherapy, and good nutrition.

Currently, Grace views her integrative practice as a hilot as a dance, co-created with the diwatas (forces in nature/deities/angels) and ninunos (ancestors).She guides individuals through living, coherent and cellularly resonant whole foods nutrition, the use of supplements and lifestyle choices to change the course of their health from rectifying chronic conditions to healthy harmonic aging. She understands the dance between your inner and outer selves (as it is in heaven, so on earth) so you can absorb nutrients, and frequencies of energetic waves authentic to your being to experience joy and be cheerful in the storms of your life.

As a modern-day health coach, Grace takes the time to discuss daily diet and lifestyle choices with clients who want to achieve their goals in areas such as weight management, food cravings, quality of sleep, energy revitalization, improved digestion, resolving allergies, lessening anxiety and managing stress. Clients develop a deeper understanding of the foods, lifestyle choices and behaviors that produce these results, as well as cultivating thought processes that work best for them, and implementing lasting changes that improve their lives as a whole.

So, if you are frustrated with your progress in tackling your health issues, or know of someone who might benefit from her whole body approach, perhaps Grace can be of help. Her first consultation is free, with absolutely no obligation on your part. Grace simply invites you to make this journey towards Optimal Health & Wellness with her.

Achieve your health goals, live healthier and happier, with A MOMENT OF GRACE.

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